Cisco Courses

Virtualmente is a Cisco Learning partner in Switzerland and the only one in Ticino canton.

We deliver courses in multiple modes and multiple languages

  •  Instructor-Led traditional in presence class: traditional classroom enviroment, the classroom course can be organized by Virtualmente in Lugano or at customer place. The main advantage is the high student engagement during lectures
  •  Instructor-Led virtual class: course delivered trough Webex or Zoom. The main advantage is no need to travel and the opportunity to deliver classes dedicated to students attending from different regions
  • Digital On Demand: digital pre-recorded courses with full lab access in self-study mode. The main advantage is the possibility to adapt the pace to specific student need.

Cisco Certifications

Whether you’ve accumulated years of IT experience or are embarking on your initial steps in the field, obtaining certification serves as a significant catalyst for advancing your career. Certifications stand as evidence of your expertise, capability, and a commitment to continuous learning. Hiring managers rely on certified professionals to effectively link, safeguard, and automate Cisco networks worldwide.

EnterpriseCCST NetworkingCCNACCNP EnterpriseCCIE Enterprise Infrastructure
CCIE Enterprise Wireless
SecurityCCNP SecurityCCIE Security
Data CenterCCNP Data CenterCCIE Data Center
Service ProviderCCNP Service ProviderCCIE Service Provider
CollaborationCCNP CollaborationCCIE Collaboration
CyberOpsCCST CyberOpsCyberOps AssociateCyberOps Professional
DevenetDevner AssociateDevnet ProfessionalDevnet Expert

Go to Cisco Certification Page for more information

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