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Level: Associate
Exam: CLTECH 100-890
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Duration: Self Paced
Language: Italian, English, German, French

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What you’ll learn

The Cisco Certified Technician Supporting Cisco Collaboration Devices training is designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills for providing onsite support and maintenance for Cisco collaboration endpoints and operating environments. It focuses on tasks such as identifying Cisco collaboration endpoint models, accessories, cabling, and interfaces, understanding Cisco collaboration software, and utilizing the Cisco Command-Line Interface (CLI) for connecting and servicing products.

Throughout the training, participants will enhance their proficiency in collaboration fundamentals, utilize common network tools for Data, Video, and Voice infrastructure components, execute typical service-related tasks specific to Cisco Collaboration products, and perform basic troubleshooting, including hardware replacement due to failure or upgrade.

Upon completion of this training, individuals will be prepared to take the 100-890 CLTECH v1.0 exam. Successfully passing this exam leads to the attainment of the Cisco Certified Technician (CCT) Collaboration certification.

Who should enroll

Cisco Third-Party Maintainer Field Engineers

What to expect in the exam

“100-890 CLTECH v1.0: Supporting Cisco Collaboration Devices” is a 90-minute exam associated with the CCT Collaboration certification.

This exam focuses on the skills required for onsite support and maintenance of Cisco collaboration endpoints and operating environments, including:

  • Ability to identify Cisco collaboration endpoint models, accessories, cabling, and interfaces
  • Ability to understand the Cisco collaboration software and identify commonly found software
  • Ability to use the CLI to connect and service products

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Technology areas


Training overview

The Cisco Certified Technician Supporting Cisco Collaboration Devices training aims to enhance your expertise in utilizing Cisco software configuration and tools, conducting basic troubleshooting and remedial services, and deepening your understanding of video and collaboration fundamentals. Through this training, you’ll develop confidence in managing Cisco collaboration devices and systems.


  • Use basic Cisco software configuration and tools: CLI commands, Tera Term, Putty, file transfer protocols, USB Storage, serial connections, and Windows
  • Describe video and collaboration fundamentals and Cisco collaboration products, including software and hardware components
  • Perform remedial services (hardware break/fix) on Cisco collaboration products, including software and configuration backup and restore, test calls, software upgrade/downgrade, endpoint resets, and change passwords
  • Recognize correct connections and configuration
  • Perform basic Layer 1 and basic Layer 2 troubleshooting

Course Outline

  1. Collaboration Environment Overview
  2. Infrastructure Overview
  3. Cisco Converged Network
  4. Introducing Cisco Collaboration Technology and Solution
  5. Basic Video Concepts
  6. Evolution of Cisco IP Video Solutions
  7. Cisco Conferencing Infrastructure Overview
  8. Cisco On-Premises, Cloud, and Hybrid Deployments
  9. Cisco Webex® Product Lines and Their Components
  10. Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM and Presence Service
  11. Introducing Cisco Unified CM
  12. Cisco Collaboration Endpoints Equipment and Related Hardware
  13. Cisco Webex Desktop Series Hardware Components
  14. Cisco Webex Board Hardware Components
  15. Cisco Webex Room Kit System Hardware Components
  16. Cisco Webex Room 55 and Cisco Webex Room 70 G2 Hardware Components
  17. Cisco Webex Room Panorama Immersive System Hardware Components
  18. Cisco MX and SX Quick Set and SX80 Codec
  19. Cisco TelePresence® IX-5000 Hardware Components
  20. Cisco Collaboration Peripherals Hardware
  21. Service-Related Knowledge
  22. Basic IP Settings
  23. Use CLI Commands
  24. Use a Terminal Emulator for a Console Connection
  25. Use a Serial Connection to the CLI
  26. Connect to the Web Interface
  27. Use File Transfer Protocols
  28. Use USB for File Transfers
  29. Backup and Restore

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