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Duration: 4 Days
Language: German, French, Italian, English

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What you’ll learn

The Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) Administration and DevOps (NSO303) training builds upon the foundational knowledge gained in the NSO201 and NSO300 courses, focusing on system administration and DevOps within the context of Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO). This comprehensive program serves as a robust bridge between network automation and orchestration tools, covering development, operation, and administration tasks. Participants will acquire the skills needed to set up, configure, deploy, and maintain a Cisco NSO solution, with an emphasis on best practices in DevOps.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. System Administration:
    • Set up and configure a Cisco Network Services Orchestrator solution.
    • Deploy and maintain NSO instances, incorporating access control settings.
    • Explore real-world examples to prepare for deployment and management scenarios.
  2. DevOps Integration:
    • Understand the role of NSO in the DevOps landscape.
    • Explore modern DevOps concepts and tools, including Git and Continuous Delivery/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD).
  3. Production-Ready NSO Instances:
    • Guide through the setup of production-ready NSO instances.
    • Utilize system installation with access control settings for secure configurations.
    • Deploy NSO in Docker containers for enhanced flexibility.
  4. Migration and Device Management:
    • Learn techniques for migrating CDM devices within NSO.
    • Build NETCONF NEDs (Network Element Drivers) from the NSO Command Line Interface (CLI).
  5. NSO Alarms and Features:
    • Handle NSO alarms effectively.
    • Explore additional features that enhance your proficiency with Cisco NSO.

This training equips participants with practical skills and knowledge for efficient NSO system administration and integration into a DevOps environment. Real-world examples, combined with hands-on experience, prepare individuals for the challenges of deploying and managing NSO instances in diverse scenarios.

Who should enroll

  • DevOps engineers
  • Integration engineers
  • Network and software architects
  • Network engineers
  • Software engineers
  • System administrators

Technology areas

  • Software Defined Networking
  • Service Provider

Training overview


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe network and IT convergence
  • Describe Cisco NSO architecture
  • Describe Linux
  • Configure Cisco NSO
  • Set up access control to Cisco NSO system
  • Describe Cisco NSO Integration Options
  • Explain version control systems and basic git concepts
  • Describe the purpose of continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • Implement Cisco NSO high availability
  • Describe scalable system management
  • Describe software development methodologies
  • Describe service maintenance
  • Perform NED upgrades
  • Use Cisco NSO for managing services and their associated device configurations
  • Describe Cisco NSO change management
  • Explain service problem management
  • Use Cisco NSO for service monitoring and compliance reporting
  • Describe Cisco NSO inventory management
  • Describe Cisco NSO use cases


Before you take this training, we recommend that you have the knowledge and skills obtainable by attending the Cisco Network Services Orchestrator Foundation (NSO201) class, including:

  • Basic knowledge of the Cisco Command-Line Interface (CLI)
  • Basic knowledge of the CLI of UNIX-like operating systems
  • Basic knowledge of Yet Another Next Generation (YANG) data modelling
  • Basic knowledge of Python software development

Lab outline

  • Perform NSO System Install
  • Implement Role-Based Access and PAM
  • Using Cisco NSO APIs
  • Learn to work with Git
  • Use NSO in Docker
  • Configure High Availability
  • Migrating a Monolithic Service to LSA
  • Deploying the LSA Services
  • Use the Network Connectivity Tool (NCT)
  • Perform Service Backup and Restore
  • Migrate a CDM Device
  • Build a NETCONF NED
  • Replacing a Device
  • Troubleshoot NSO Alarms and Services
  • Creating a Compliance Report

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