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Courses and IT Training

Virtualmente provides its Customizable Courses, basic and advanced. And Virtualmente instructors can deliver authorized training for multiple vendor partners

Virtualmente offers its customizable courses; they can be adapted to your needs, involving the technology your organization uses and the design implemented.

Virtualmente propose:

  • Network Fundamentals

  • Network Security Fundamentals

  • Cloud Computing Fundamentals

  • MPLS Networks

  • Segment Routing

  • ASR9000 and IOS XR 64 bit

Customizable Courses

If you are a vendor partner for training, check the authorized courses Virtualmente instructor can deliver for you. Virtualmente provides instructors to:

  •     Cisco Learning Partne

  •     Amazon Training Partner

  •     VMware Education Partner

  •     Aruba Networks Authorized Training Center

  •     Checkpoint ATC

  •     Cisco Academy

  •     VMware Academy

Virtualmente instructors are among the best in the industry based on student feedback score.

Authorized Training
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