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Course Overview

CompTIA Linux+ certification is designed to validate the skills and competencies necessary for early career systems administrators who support Linux systems. Here are some key points that differentiate Linux+ and highlight its importance:

  1. Job-Focused Certification: Linux+ is specifically tailored to the needs of systems administrators working with Linux systems. It focuses on the practical skills and knowledge required in real-world job scenarios.
  2. Latest Skills: The certification covers the latest foundational skills demanded by hiring managers in the industry. This ensures that certified individuals are up-to-date with current trends and technologies in the Linux ecosystem.
  3. Hands-On Experience: Linux+ certification exams include performance-based and multiple-choice questions that assess candidates’ ability to apply their knowledge in practical situations. This hands-on approach ensures that certified professionals can think critically and solve problems effectively in real-world environments.
  4. Diverse Coverage: Linux+ covers all major distributions of Linux, providing a comprehensive understanding of the Linux operating system. This broad coverage sets the foundation for learning vendor/distribution-specific knowledge, allowing professionals to adapt to different environments and requirements.

Overall, CompTIA Linux+ certification is valuable for individuals seeking to differentiate themselves in the job market as competent Linux systems administrators. It demonstrates their proficiency in Linux systems and enhances their credibility with hiring managers and employers.

What Skills Will You Learn?

In CompTIA Linux+, you will develop a range of skills essential for managing Linux systems effectively. Here’s an overview of the key areas you will learn:

  1. System Management:
    • Configure and manage software packages: You’ll learn how to install, update, and remove software packages using package managers such as apt, yum, or zypper.
    • Storage management: Understand how to manage disks, partitions, file systems, and storage devices.
    • Process and service management: Learn how to monitor, start, stop, and manage processes and services running on a Linux system.
  2. Security:
    • Permissions and authentication: Understand Linux file permissions and user authentication mechanisms such as passwords and SSH keys.
    • Firewalls: Learn how to configure and manage firewall rules using tools like iptables or firewalld.
    • File management: Implement best practices for securing files and directories, including setting appropriate permissions and ownership.
  3. Scripting, Containers, and Automation:
    • Shell scripting: Develop the ability to write and execute basic shell scripts using Bash to automate tasks and system administration operations.
    • Version control using Git: Learn how to use Git for version control, including managing repositories, branching, merging, and resolving conflicts.
    • Containerization: Gain an understanding of container concepts and basic container management using tools like Docker.
    • Orchestration processes: Learn about orchestration tools and processes for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.
  4. Troubleshooting:
    • Analyzing system properties: Develop skills in monitoring system performance, identifying resource usage patterns, and diagnosing system bottlenecks.
    • Troubleshooting user, application, and hardware issues: Learn methodologies and techniques for diagnosing and resolving common Linux system problems related to users, applications, and hardware components.

These skills are essential for maintaining and troubleshooting Linux systems in various environments, from small businesses to enterprise-level infrastructures. By mastering these areas, you’ll be well-prepared to tackle the challenges of supporting Linux systems as a systems administrator.

What to expect in the exam

The CompTIA Linux+ exam is designed to validate the skills and knowledge required for a role that focuses on how Linux powers the cloud. Here are the key details about the exam:

  • Exam Description: The CompTIA Linux+ exam covers an evolving job role that emphasizes Linux’s role in cloud computing. It includes cutting-edge technologies such as automation, orchestration, infrastructure as code, and containers.
  • Number of Questions: The exam consists of a maximum of 90 questions.
  • Type of Questions: The questions in the exam are of two types: multiple-choice and performance-based. Performance-based questions require candidates to perform tasks in a simulated Linux environment.
  • Length of Test: Candidates have 90 minutes to complete the exam.
  • Passing Score: The passing score for the CompTIA Linux+ exam is 720 on a scale of 100 to 900.
  • Recommended Experience: CompTIA recommends that candidates have at least 12 months of hands-on experience working with Linux servers. Additionally, having CompTIA A+, Network+, and Server+ certifications is recommended but not required.
  • Languages: The exam is available in English, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Overall, the CompTIA Linux+ exam assesses candidates’ proficiency in various aspects of Linux system administration, with a focus on emerging technologies and their applications in cloud environments. It’s important for candidates to have practical experience and knowledge of Linux systems to succeed in the exam.

Study Guide

The Official CompTIA Guides are structured into lessons and topics, meticulously aligning training with real-world applications. The Server+ course revolves around job tasks and real-world scenarios encountered by server administrators and data center technicians, focusing on deployment, maintenance, and troubleshooting of servers.

What You'll Learn

The Official CompTIA Linux+ Study Guide (XK0-005) has been created by CompTIA specifically for individuals seeking CompTIA certification. It has undergone rigorous evaluation by third-party experts to ensure comprehensive coverage of Linux+ exam topics. This study guide equips candidates with essential skills and knowledge necessary to pass the CompTIA certification exam (XK0-005).

Upon reading this guide, you will gain proficiency in:

  • Executing fundamental Linux tasks
  • Administering users and groups
  • Handling permissions and ownership
  • Managing storage, files, and directories
  • Overseeing kernel modules and the Linux boot process
  • Administering system components and devices
  • Configuring networking and managing packages and software
  • Implementing security measures for Linux systems
  • Writing and executing Bash shell scripts
  • Automating tasks and planning Linux installations


To effectively use the Official CompTIA Linux+ Study Guide and adequately prepare for your exam, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Possess CompTIA A+ certification
  • Hold CompTIA Network+ certification
  • Acquire a minimum of 12 months of Linux administration experience

What is included

    • Media type: Paperback print book or eBook
    • Publisher: CompTIA Learning
    • Language: English

CertMaster Labs

CertMaster Labs for Linux+ offers a platform that enables you to acquire practical skills in Linux operating systems, essential for preparing for your CompTIA Linux+ certification exam. It focuses on the practical aspects outlined in the CompTIA Linux+ exam objectives and enhances your prior training by providing access to authentic equipment and software environment

What you'll learn with CertMaster Labs for Linux+

CertMaster Labs targets the practical aspects of the CompTIA Linux+ XK0-005 exam objectives, covering the following key areas:

  • Hardware and System Configuration:

Configure kernel modules, network settings, storage configurations, and utilize cloud and virtualization technologies effectively.

  • Security:

Understand and implement best practices concerning permissions, authentication methods, firewall setup, and file management protocols.

  • System Operation and Maintenance:

Manage software packages and services, define server roles, administer job scheduling tasks, and proficiently operate Linux devices.

  • Linux Troubleshooting and Diagnostics:

Analyze system properties and processes to diagnose and resolve user, application, and hardware issues encountered within the Linux environment.

How you'll gain hands-on experience with CertMaster Labs for Linux+

  • ACCESS TO HANDS-ON LEARNING Gain access to software applications and operating systems directly through your web browser, simulating real-world job environments.
  • ALIGNED WITH EXAM OBJECTIVES Lab exercises are designed to mirror real-world scenarios, ensuring alignment with CompTIA exam objectives.
  • EXTENSIVE, STEP-BY-STEP ACTIVITIES Receive detailed instructions guiding you through lab tasks, starting from basic configurations and progressing to more advanced subjects.

Additional info

  • CertMaster Labs licenses are valid for one year. Internet connection is required. 
  • With CertMaster Labs, you’ll get 20+ hours of browser-based virtual labs, carried out on real equipment. 

CertMaster Learn

Prepare thoroughly for your Linux+ exam day with CompTIA's exclusive online training. CertMaster Learn offers comprehensive, self-paced learning that is interactive and engaging. It combines instructional lessons, videos, practice questions, and performance-based questions to equip you for your certification exam and a successful career in IT.

What's included in CertMaster Learn for Linux+

CertMaster Learn for Linux+ encompasses the following:

  • Complete coverage of all exam objectives
  • Fifteen lessons containing scenario-based performance-based questions
  • Instant feedback for 150 practice questions
  • Final assessment comprising 90 questions

CertMaster Learn provides:

  • Instructional lessons supplemented with images and videos to facilitate learning
  • Practice questions and performance-based questions to evaluate and apply your knowledge
  • Achievement badges, flashcards, and a game center to maintain engagement
  • A personalized dashboard for progress tracking
  • Daily study tasks and a countdown calendar to ensure you stay on track with your learning schedule.

What you will learn 

CertMaster Learn encompasses subjects across all domains outlined in the CompTIA Linux+ exam, such as:


  • Configuring kernel modules, network parameters, storage setups, as well as cloud and virtualization technologies.


  • Understanding the best practices regarding permissions and authentication methods, firewall configurations, and file management protocols.


  • Managing software applications and services, elucidating server roles, overseeing job scheduling tasks, and mastering the use and functioning of Linux devices.


  • Analyzing system properties and processes to effectively troubleshoot user, application, and hardware-related issues within a Linux environment.

How you'll train with CertMaster Learn for Linux+

Access extensive learning materials, including videos, flashcards, games, and other resources that comprehensively cover all exam objectives.

Engage with interactive scenario-based questions designed to simulate the exam experience and better prepare you for real-world scenarios.

Benefit from hundreds of practice questions and a timed final assessment, providing valuable feedback to assess your readiness for the exam.

Lessons and Topics

  • Lesson 1: Performing Basic Linux Tasks
  • Lesson 2: Managing Users and Groups
  • Lesson 3: Managing Permissions and Ownership
  • Lesson 4: Managing Storage
  • Lesson 5: Managing Files and Directories
  • Lesson 6: Managing Kernel Modules
  • Lesson 7: Managing the Linux Boot Process
  • Lesson 8: Managing System Components
  • Lesson 9: Managing Devices
  • Lesson 10: Managing Networking
  • Lesson 11: Managing Packages and Software
  • Lesson 12: Securing Linux Systems
  • Lesson 13: Working with Bash Scripts
  • Lesson 14: Automating Tasks
  • Lesson 15: Installing Linux


CertMaster Practice

What is CertMaster Practice?

CertMaster Practice serves as both a knowledge assessment and certification training companion tool tailored to help you prepare for your CompTIA exam. With its question-first design, real-time learning analytics, and content refreshers, CertMaster Practice aids in reinforcing your understanding of the material, testing your knowledge, and addressing any knowledge gaps you may have.

What you'll reinforce with CertMaster Practice for Linux+

CertMaster Practice comprehensively covers topics aligned with all objectives of the CompTIA Linux+ exam, including:


Configuring hardware settings, adjusting runlevels, and handling booting and shutdown procedures.


Managing disk layouts, booting processes, shared libraries, and a variety of packages.


Understanding and troubleshooting basic networking concepts in Linux.


Utilizing command-line interfaces to create, manage, and modify files and processes.


Partitioning drives, overseeing filesystems, managing permissions, and adhering to filesystem hierarchy standards.


Establishing host security measures, conducting security administration tasks, and implementing data encryption techniques.


Managing the shell environment, creating simple scripts, and handling SQL data.


Configuring and managing X11, display managers, and accessibility features for user interfaces and desktop environments.


Overseeing user and group management, system file management, task automation, and localization processes.


Managing system time, configuring mail transfer agents, handling logging, printer management, and more.

How you'll reinforce with CertMaster Practice for Linux+

CERTIFICATION TRAINING COMPANION TOOL: This tool, created by CompTIA, is intended to assess knowledge, practice skills, and aid in preparing for exam topics.

COMBINATION KNOWLEDGE ASSESSMENT & E-LEARNING: This system integrates knowledge reviews with intelligent eLearning tools to identify and address knowledge gaps effectively.

REAL-TIME LEARNING ANALYTICS: The platform tracks real-time knowledge acquisition and evaluates topic difficulty, enabling intelligent learning strategies.

What's included in CertMaster Practice for Linux+

  • CertMaster Practice licenses are valid for one year and can be used for Web, iOS and Android apps. Internet connection is required.
  • 1,464 total questions
  • Individual, set, and business licenses available



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