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Exam: Professional Cloud Service Manager Exam
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Language: English, Italian, (German and French on request)

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Course Price

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What you will get

  • Digital Lessons
  • Student guide
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  • Exam voucher

Course Overview

The Professional Cloud Service Manager™ certification offered by the Cloud Credential Council (CCC) empowers individuals to architect, implement, and oversee Cloud services effectively. This certification adopts a hands-on, pragmatic approach to comprehending the implications of Cloud computing and Cloud-based services on development and operations, as well as how to optimize existing processes for delivering enhanced services.

Acknowledged across the industry, the CCC Professional Cloud Service Manager certification garners support from prominent technology vendors and standards organizations. It offers a comprehensive case study along with associated exercises, including multiple-choice questions and workbook activities. We have ensured the inclusion of diverse, high-quality reference materials that you can utilize for ongoing career development and advancement.

Certification Exam

  • Delivery: Online
  • Format: Closed Book
  • Proctoring: Web proctored
  • Duration: 75 minutes (15 minutes additional for non-native English Speakers)
  • No. of Questions: 25 simple multiple choice
  • Pass Grade: 65%

Course Audience

The following departments benefit from CCC Professional Service Manager-certified professionals:

  • Administrative/Management
  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Operations
  • Research & Development
  • Other

CCC Professional Cloud Service Manager jobs include:

  • Audit Managers
  • Auditors of Cloud Computing Services
  • Compliance Managers
  • Email System Administrators
  • Network Engineers / Administrators
  • Risk Management Managers
  • Security Engineers / Analysts
  • Solution Architects
  • System Administrators / Architects


No formal requirements for the completion of the certification. It is recommended, however, to possess a basic understanding of Cloud concepts and vocabulary as well as hold a CCC Cloud Technology Associate certification. Learners further benefit from a strong background in IT service management.

What Skills Will You Learn?

Upon achieving CCC Professional Cloud Service Manager certification, you will gain the ability to:

  • Recall and articulate Cloud service management terminology, definitions, and concepts.
  • Explain fundamental terminology pertinent to Cloud service management.
  • Evaluate an organization’s strategic assets and capabilities to effectively design, implement, and operate Cloud services.
  • Recognize and elucidate the key roles involved in Cloud service management.
  • Compare and contrast the relationship between the Cloud provider and Cloud consumer.
  • Distinguish between the potential risks and benefits associated with embracing a Cloud strategy.
  • Develop an initial Cloud adoption strategy.
  • Showcase the advantages and promote the integration of Cloud-based services within an organization.
  • Identify strategies for mitigating risks and resolving issues linked to the adoption of Cloud computing and Cloud-based services.
  • Analyze the demand impact and devise methods to appropriately scale Cloud services during the design phase.

Course Layout

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Cloud Service Management Fundamentals
  3. Cloud Service Management Roles
  4. Cloud Service Strategy
  5. Cloud Service Design, Deployment, and Migration
  6. Cloud Service Management
  7. Cloud Service Economics
  8. Cloud Service Governance
  9. Showing the Value of Cloud Services
  10. Popular Service Management Frameworks

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