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What you’ll learn

The Introduction to 802.1X Operations for Cisco Security Professionals (802.1X) is designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to configure and prepare for the deployment of Cisco® Identity-Based Networking Services (IBNS) solutions. These solutions are based on the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE), Cisco Catalyst switches, and Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers.

Participants in this course will delve into the fundamentals of the 802.1X protocol and its configuration, as well as gain insights into Cisco IBNS. The curriculum covers various aspects, including configuring access for non-supplicant devices, exploring Cisco ISE deployment options, understanding architectural components, and considering key factors related to 802.1X.

Moreover, the course emphasizes hands-on experience by providing practical training on configuring 802.1X-based network services using both the Cisco Identity Services Engine and a Cisco Catalyst switch. This hands-on approach ensures that participants not only understand the theoretical concepts but also acquire practical skills in implementing 802.1X operations for enhanced security.

Technology areas

  • Enterprise

Who should enroll

  • Security architects
  • Design engineers
  • Network engineers
  • Cisco integrators and partners

Training overview


To fully benefit from this course, you should have knowledge of these topics:

  • Cisco wireless LAN controllers
  • Basic command-line configuration of Cisco Catalyst switches
  • Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory


  • Describing Cisco Identity-Based Networking Services
    • Cisco IBNS Overview
    • Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) Role in Cisco IBNS
    • Compare Cisco IBNS and Cisco ISE Solutions
    • Explore Cisco IBNS Architecture Components
    • Explore Cisco TrustSec
  • Describing 802.1X EAP Authentication
    • Explore the IEEE 802.1X Standard
    • Explore 802.1X and EAP
    • Explain EAP Methods
    • Describe the Role of RADIUS in EAP Communications
  • Configuring Devices for 802.1X Operation
    • Identify 802.1X Components and Topologies
    • Configure Cisco Catalyst Switch for 802.1X
    • Compare IBNS 1.0 and 2.0 on Cisco Catalyst Switch
    • Configure Cisco WLC for 802.1X
    • Configure Cisco ISE for 802.1X
    • Configure Supplicants for 802.1X Operation
  • Configuring Access for Non-Supplicant Devices
    • Configure Cisco IBNS for Non-Supplicant Devices
    • Explore IBNS 2.0 for Non-Supplicant Devices
    • Configure Cisco Central Web Authentication for Guests
  • Designing Cisco IBNS Networks with Cisco ISE and 802.1X
    • Cisco ISE Architectural Components
    • Introducing the Cisco ISE Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Process
    • Identify Cisco ISE Deployment Options
    • Identify Component Compatibilities with 802.1X
    • Review 802.1X Design Considerations

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