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Mode: Classroom or Virtual Classroom with Instructor
Level: Professional
Exam: CCEIT 500-444
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Duration: 3 days
Language: German, French, Italian, English

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What you’ll learn

The Implementing Cisco Contact Center Enterprise (CCEI) v1.0 course is designed to instruct participants on building and implementing a Cisco® Packaged Contact Center Enterprise (PCCE) solution. The training covers advanced integration of external data, Single Sign-On (SSO), and provides in-depth insight into the process details for the Contact Center Enterprise (CCE) solution. Through practical examples, various deployment models are illustrated. This integration process is crucial for enabling businesses and organizations to offer a seamless digital experience with continuous and feature-rich customer journeys across various channels and over time. Participants will learn to install the CCE solution and offer Tier 2–3 solution support, with a specific emphasis on providing Day 1 support for a new CCE deployment.

Who should enroll

  • Deployment engineer
  • Sales engineer

Technology areas

  • Collaboration

Training overview


After taking this course, you should be able to:

  • Examine components, protocols, and variables that influence selection of the design and sizing of a PCCE deployment
  • Identify concepts necessary to create CCE system design specifications and deployment plans
  • Discover how to install CCE software
  • Administer CA signed security certificates to support the successful addition of a PCCE site
  • Use the Integration Wizard to configure the various platforms and servers installed in the PCCE environment
  • Discuss integration of the CUIC, LiveData, and Finesse reporting environments
  • Configure the PCCE Dial Plan end-to-end, incorporating the use of Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE), Cisco Unified SIP Proxy (CUSP), Cisco Virtualized Voice Browsers (VVBs), Voice XML (VXML) Gateways (GW), and Significant Digits
  • Examine concepts necessary to create CCE system design specifications and deployment plans
  • Create a series of routing scripts using PCCE
  • Configure Single sign-on for Unified CCE


To fully benefit from this course, you should have the following knowledge:

  • Advanced knowledge of computer networking components: Windows A/D, SQL Server, and components
  • Understanding of IP networks
  • Strong understanding of Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise functionality
  • Advanced experience administering of Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise
  • Working knowledge of Unified Communications Manager and Voice Gateways

Recommended Cisco offerings that may help you meet these prerequisites:


  • Planning a Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise Deployment
    • Packaged CCE Component Overview
    • Call Flows Review
  • Staging a Packaged CCE Deployment
    • PCCE Deployment Planning and System Design Specification
    • Software Compatibility and OS Requirements
  • Preparing CCE Software for Installation
    • General Considerations and System Requirements
    • Active Directory Considerations
  • Administering Security Certificates
    • Security Certificate Overview
    • Install and Configure Certificate Authority
  • Introducing the Packaged CCE Integration Wizard
    • PCCE Inventory and Service Accounts
    • Run the PCCE Wizard
  • Adding a Site to Packaged CCE
    • PCCE Remote Site Overview
    • Remote Site Security Certificate Considerations
  • Integrating Cisco Unified Intelligence Center, LiveData, and Cisco Finesse
    • Compare Real Time vs. Live Data
    • Complete Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Integration
  • Personalizing the Packaged CCE Dial Plan
    • CCE Dial Plan Components
    • Ingress Gateway and Cisco Unified Border Element Dial Plans
  • Configuring to Validate Deployment
    • Confirm Configuration Readiness
    • Unified Communication Manager Administration
  • Scripting for Packaged Contact Center Enterprise
    • Configure Script Editor
    • Use Microapps
  • Configuring Single Sign-On
    • SSO Overview
    • Configure SSO Prerequisites

Lab outline

  • Navigate CCE Discovery Architecture and Components
  • Explore ICM Configuration Tools
  • Observe Installed CCE Software
  • Certificate Store Navigation
  • Add a Remote Site to PCCE
  • Personalize Cisco Finesse Server
  • Configure Site Dial Plan
  • Verify Configuration Details to Facilitate Final Testing
  • Configure Deployment of VXML Functionality
  • Build a Series of Test Scripts
  • Enable Single Sign-On

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