Vendor: Cisco
Mode: On Demand Digital
Level: Professional
Exam: NA
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Duration: Self Paced
Language: English

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CHF 700.00

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Discount available for multiple students and dedicated classes.

What you’ll learn

The Cisco Data Center Nexus Dashboard Essentials (DCNDE) learning path is designed to equip you with the necessary skills to effectively plan, implement, manage, operate, monitor, and troubleshoot your data center infrastructure using the Cisco Nexus Dashboard platform. The primary objective of this learning path is to provide a foundational understanding of the Cisco Nexus Dashboard platform.

Throughout this learning path, you will explore the components and structure of the platform. You will learn how to plan for the installation and deployment process, considering factors such as physical and virtual resource requirements, licensing, connectivity, cluster size, and software stack configuration.

Furthermore, you will gain familiarity with the graphical user interface (GUI) and various functionalities for creating and managing sites within the Cisco Nexus Dashboard. Additionally, you will develop skills in monitoring, troubleshooting, and administering the platform, including managing authentication and authorization for administrators’ access.



Who should enroll

Professional-level and expert-level data center roles

Technology areas

Data Center

Training overview


You will learn:

  • How to monitor, troubleshoot, and administer the platform, covering the authentication and authorization of the administrators’ access.
  • Acquire the essential skills required to effectively utilize the Cisco Nexus Dashboard platform.
  • Enhance your understanding of protocols, solutions, and design principles necessary to qualify for professional and expert-level roles within data center environments.

Course Outline

  • Pre-Assessment
  • Cisco Nexus Dashboard Platforms
  • Cisco Nexus Dashboard Licensing Options
  • Cisco Nexus Dashboard Cluster Connectivity
  • Cisco Nexus Dashboard GUI Overview
  • Cisco Nexus Dashboard Software Stack
  • Cisco Nexus Dashboard Installation Procedures
  • Cisco Nexus Dashboard Firmware Upgrades
  • Application Installation on Cisco Nexus Dashboard
  • Cisco Nexus Dashboard Roles and Permissions
  • Cisco Nexus Dashboard Remote Authentication
  • Cisco Nexus Dashboard Resource Monitoring
  • Cisco Nexus Dashboard Tech Support and Troubleshooting
  • Add Sites to Cisco Nexus Dashboard
  • Explore Cisco Nexus Dashboard
  • Post-Assessment


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