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Virtualmente offers to its partners design and implementations services. Services are proposed can be task based and time & material. The services can be delivered in presence in the customer facility or remotely. Virtualmente activity is licterally all over the world. Service provider


Design, implementation and optimization on:

  • planning your software-defined datacenter

  • implementing the best hardware for your needs

  • installing ESXi hosts

  • Installing VSphere VCenter Server

  • Developping your documents


Design, implementation and optimization on:

  • Configure the environment

  • Planning and using all the resources

  • Configuring vcenter server appliance for High Availabilty

  • Configuring access and identity for the IT Teams

Manage & Optimize

Design, implementation and optimization on:

  • From High Availability to Fault Tolerance

  • Resource monitoring

  • Resource optimization

  • Distributed Virtual Switch

  • Automate the resources distribution with DRS

  • implementing third party tools

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